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About Me

Join me in my beautiful sanctuary for an experience of transcendental pleasure. My loving touch & presence will melt your heart, dissolve tension, and revitalize you with immense sensual delight.

My massage style is an exquisite blend of Tantric touch, Swedish, Thai, Nuru, Shiatsu, and cuddle therapy. My sessions are the perfect lifestyle supplement for a busy gentleman with a refined taste for sensuality and intimate authenticity.

On your first visit, expect to simply surrender and receive my loving touch and presence as we experience our chemistry and rapport.

If you find yourself wanting a more intimate and immersive escort session orpanionship opportunity with me, we can discuss the possibility at the end of our first session. I absolutely love to curate personalized experiences of profound pleasure and intimacy!

All sessions end with a warm cloth cleansing ritual to remove oils and refresh the skin.

Deposit is required for first-time clients.

In-Call Only. Austin, TX, 78749

Exquisite Massage & Discreetpanionship

Easy Rapport &passionate Listening

Authentic Intimacy & Connection

Always Safe, Healthy, and Confidential

Patronage begins at:

1 hour $300

90 min $400

2 hrs $

phone 949. 281. 4472

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28 yrs