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Carly Blake

Carly Blake - Independent Female  Houston Escort
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"About me

I am glad you have decided to learn a bit more about me. I am a mature, warm and friendly woman who loves making new friends. It's always been my nature to cater to and entertain folks and I am a natural born pleaser. Nothing warms my heart more than putting a big smile on someones face. Maybe that someone is you?

On the inside I am a woman who is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of being I find at this age I am enjoying life way more than when I was twenty something. I know who I am. I know what I want. I am clear about who I like to enjoy my time with. Maybe that someone is you?

On the outside, I am told often I am pretty. I am height/weight proportionate. Well maybe a little on the busty side {blushing} and all natural I might add.

1hr $350
2hrs $600
4Hr dinner date $1000

I hope that what I have shared here you'll find interesting, maybe even exciting. If so, email me right awy and lets meet and enjoy the best of times together!
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50 yrs



9 December 2021