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As an entrepreneur, I rarely find myself running with the pack but, rather, striking off on my own path. a slightly different kind of model.

An advertisement is supposed to be a bio, a �pick me! pick me!� shtick. But how does one convey their essence in so few words? I could go with the formula: �Are you looking for a balance of charm and sophistication, mischievousness, a love of laughter and gentle sensibility? Then look no further."

Or, perhaps you'll allow me to be very genuine and say that, while the above traits may be true, what I want most is to see you let go � take time for self-care.

Do you like discussing world events, speculating on domestic finance, love to travel, or have some other love you woul like to share?

Look No further you have found the one.

North Dakota ~ October 21st & 22nd

South Dakota ~ October 26th & 27th

Aspen ~ October 27th, 28th & 29th

Las Vegas ~ October 29th

Denver ~ November 6th

phone 832. 960. 0122

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22 yrs



22 December 2020