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About Me

Are you ready to rediscover parts of yourself that have long been buried or pushed aside? If you are ready to explore parts unknown, I'm the perfect one to help nudge you along.

I live in a world full of adventure, excitement, and wonder; one where sensuality take precedent. Let's indulge in one another's needs and desires. Whether we spend an evening enjoying fine dining andtails, or a wild weekend discovering adventures... I promise you'll be glad you asked me to join you. Together, we'll create a brand-new world filled with the most decadent of experiences. Let's not waste anymore time.

am the fun-loving type that loves to party. Confident and outgoing there is never a dull moment with me by your side. I am energetic and full of life on a night out but equally enchanting in an intimate setting. I'm well traveled and love to meet new people, socializing is my specialty. I appreciate a attractive, charming and attentive gentleman who loves to please, yet one who also can be relaxed and looked after.

I love the thrill of being an elitepanion as well as the excitement of dressing up in my most provocative lingerie. I love fashion and take pleasure in the reaction that my striking wardrobe gets when I'm out and about. With me on your arm you'll be the envy of every man in the room. I have a great sense of humor and a feisty personality making every experience with me a memorable one.

Call me, let's get this party started.

phone 424. 645. 5606

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26 yrs


Las Vegas

20 December 2020