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Alexandrea Belle

Alexandrea Belle - Independent Female  Las Vegas Escort
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About Me

"About me
I’m elegant and graceful; soft and warm; intelligent, funny and
quirky. All these words apply...I don’t fit into any particular
stereotype but am able to move seamlessly in between worlds and blend
in anywhere.

Making men feel loved, energized and inspired is what I do best. I
listen, touch, connect...we explore together and create our own
unique, sensual experiences.

Being a ballerina, I take pride in having a very slender, flexible body.
My velvet voice, faint trace of ay accent and smooth skin will
become your new addiction. I’ll make you forget the world around and help you live in the moment.

Your irresistible addiction,
xo Alexandrea Belle xo
Contact me on my email for additional information. I'm verified and highly rated in Las Vegas."

Basic Information


45 yrs


Las Vegas

3 November 2021