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Lilith Gilman

Lilith Gilman - Independent Female  Las Vegas Escort
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"About me
Hello Gents,
I'm here to entertain you in you in your favorite pastime, whatever it may be, hopefully something fun for the both of us.
I'm a blonde, blue-eyed beauty. I'm in my mid-30s, of Eastern-European descent, but thoroughly Americanized (for better or for worse) with just enough of a dash of European in the mix.
I'm 5'7, with a delicate build but just enough feminine softness to appease your tactile sensibilities. I speak with a hint of foreign intonation in a soothing voice, which I hope you will find pleasant when we spend time together doing whatever it is we choose to do during our time designated topanionship. What do you say?
If you choose to look and admire, that is ok. If you choose to go a step further and send me a note, and maybe an inquiry to meet, I'd be the most flattered. I can only hope to flatter you back...
'-Till We Meet,

To book, I need your full name, phone number, occupation and references (if you have them).If you'd like to find additional visuals, I have social media and other ads online. Please feel free to cross-check. :-)

MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT AVAILABLE IN LAS VEGAS IS 4hrs/35003500/4hs4500/6hrsFor longer engagements, please feel free to inquire"

Basic Information


35 yrs


Las Vegas

3 November 2021