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"Don't play games with my mind, allow me to unlock you because you recognize me. You know who I am. You feel me. YOU WILL feel me. You know my scent. You know my voice. You know my touch. YOU KNOW.
Your soul understands I am The one who will make you feel things you never felt. Don't be afraid of me, although I'm very powerful, I'm also very soothing.
Im not a ""quickie"", Dont you understand, Why? Because I know the power in the ACCUMULATION of my energy. The more I charge up, the more magnetic. The more magnetic; The more energetic. The more energetic; The more Therapeutic.
If you're not crying tears of bliss, then you're smiling. If you're not smiling, then you are resting. If you're not resting, then you are Fanatasizing.............about ME
*NON-disclosure/Celebrityh Confidential Agreements are welcomed.
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**$500 VIP 90Minutes ( High Recommended)

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28 yrs



7 November 2021