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Tired of the pretentious, narcissistic, and untalented, masseurs? I was, and that was one of the reasons that I decided that there needs to be a much better offering for desirable clients than what is usually offered, in the vast majority of locations. This business is not about proving the masseur's strength, or giving eye-candy with a ""six-pack"", but is about giving an amazing, and memorable, escort sessions with meaningful results, and treating the client the way that the client deserves to be treated; that is what I do in a private upscale location. Stressed out, or just needing some pampering, come relinquish tension and enjoy a wonderful stress relieving time. In my years of experience, I have learned to combine the expert craft of relaxation and touch therapy into an all encompassing experience for the body and mind. Touch therapy by it's very nature is sensual. Appointments only please

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21 yrs



7 November 2021