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"About me
Greetings Beloveds!
I am offering the ultimate Electromagnectic Hands on Senaual Alchemy Ceremony. This experience is Ideal for high powered creatives and/or entrepreneurs seeking to deeply replenish. The focus will be on deep cellular rejuvenation, alleviating stress, while awakening inner flow and energy. As within so without & as long as we have the energy, we have the ability to create!
Introduction to ancient and modern practices and techniques to unlock creativity, sensual energy and restore equilibrium in the mind, body and spirit.
* A fabulous retreat experience you deeply deserve and desire...exotic aromas and ambient music transport you to a realm of sacred, sensual rejuvenation.* Hands on Energy Bodywork to localized and alleviate pain and inflammation.*Hot stones and organic oils provided

Introductory and Extended Experiences available.
Txt or email me please to request a 15 min consultation.
Excited to connect!

60 min Awakening Ceremony
90 min Awakening Ceremony
3 hour Multidimensional Cleanse Ceremony"

phone 347. 871. 7746

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11 November 2021