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"About me
I’m Logan, I love excitement. I crave adventure. You have no reason not to have adventure and excitement every single day. There is so much to love about this place, and so much to see and do. Lets have a great time! Every night can be an adventure. Every evening can be a new thrill. There is nothing better than anticipating the best and receiving, just that, the best time of your life.
I am the kind of girl that you can be around, that's the truth! I am studious by day.. and by night, I guess you can say I let my hair down, in a way that you will appreciate. I can adapt to any role you would like me to play, in any environment. Don't sell yourself short scrolling through the list and making the wrong choice, when everything right is staring right at you. Take advantage that you just hit the connection jackpot, and make that call."

phone 707. 314. 0828

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23 yrs


San Francisco

23 November 2021