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It’s really quite simple: Show up. Let yourself be the centre of attention; the focus of your attention and mine. Give way. Let yourself be savoured. Let yourself be infused by grace. Luxuriate in it. Commune with it. Let it sink in. Let your surface sense of self unravel, sink down and settle. Rest there, listen and watch. Witness what feeling good feels like, moment after moment after moment. It may feel like something you’ve lost come back to you.
Now there are many types of massage and therapeutic bodywork. My own practice consists of a series of consciously delivered techniques inspired by Swedish massage and myo-fascial work combined with my own intuitive understandings of the body, mindful meditation, and principles of Taoism. This work, far from benign or simply a means to an end, is meant to wake up your awareness and your tissues. It is also meant to feel safe, supportive and present. Neither too hard or too soft for your liking, it can lull you into a bodily space floating between deep relaxation and deep vibrancy. You may want to reside there forever.

My services are ideal for the overworked and understimulated, for those curious to explore a state of relaxation, where you are both awake and aware, and for those who have not received good touch in such a long, long time for whatever reason.

I am a curvy, solidily built bi female who is an accomplished sensualist, intellectually bent and intense in a quiet and attentive kind of way. I am also easy on the eyes, communicative and well-spoken, and in possession of an uncanny ability to create a comfortable vibe.

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I offer Incall & Outcall - Contact me for more details.

30 November 2021