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What You Can Do in Scottsdale 

Scottsdale is a great desert city that is found in Arizona and east of state capital Phoenix. 

  • It is recognized worldwide for its golf courses, spa resorts, and TPC Scottsdale. 
  • Distant north is wind trails in  McDowell Sonoran Preserve, rock formation, a desertscape of hills and cacti. 
  • Adjacently is Taliesin West, architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s former studio and home. 
  • Downtown's Old Town Scottsdale brings into the world 19th-century olive trees and 1920s buildings. 


There are as well places in Scottsdale that you can visit with your escort. With its fantastic climate, it's an excellent destination throughout the year.

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Places To Visit

Below is one of the best destinations you can spend your time with your escort in Scottsdale.

OdySea Aquarium

Odysea is an incredible aquarium!. It is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • There exist sharks in the lavatories! 
  • Rather than your ordinary mirror at the sinks, there is a giant aquarium.
  • The aquarium is of two levels.
  • There is much to see and enjoy. 
  • Don't miss out on the sea voyage "ride.” It is a fun little adventure. 


With your escort, you will get to see many different types of fish and turtles. The place is very well maintained. There are places to touch stingrays, starfish, and other creatures. 


Also, there is a sea trek helmet diving area, penguin experience, and shark experience. Those are at an extra fee. At the aquarium, yoú can shoot a 3-D short film about whales. 


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